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Over time, your car filters fill up with dirt and stop working efficiently. Routine maintenance of your car filters is necessary if you want it to run smoothly. Slacking on maintenance can cause problems and affect performance. It can cause loss of power and even engine failure. If you need experts to replace your car filters, then look no further than Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT.

Let us look at these car filters. Which ones are they?

Types of Car Filters

The elaborate mechanics of your car relies on filters. These filters help to prevent contamination which can cause problems and eventual engine failure. Though they have the same goal, filters have different roles. The different types of filters are oil, transmission, fuel, and air filters. Most modern cars have two air filters. We will look more in-depth into this.

Oil Filter

These help to trap contaminants as oil cycles through the engine. These include factors like age, and contaminants like moisture, dust, and metal particles. It needs regular maintenance and replacement. It is best to have a filter and oil change on time. This will prevent your engine from knocking due to a decrease in oil pressure.

Transmission Filter

Most people pay little attention to the transmission filter. However, it is very important to do this. They keep the transmission fluid clean. If it has contaminants, it will cause rough gear shifting and rattling or whining noises. Only automatic transmission vehicles have transmission filters. Replace them and the transmission fluid regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Fuel Filter

With time, rust moisture and fuel degradation products can contaminate the oil. The fuel filter prevents the contamination from reaching the fuel injector. Contaminants can damage the fuel injector and other high-precision parts in the system.

Signs of filter clogging include sputtering sounds, engine stalling, and difficulty starting the car. These problems may trickle down to other parts. They can cause complications in repair. If you suspect you need replacements done, visit Denny’s Auto. We will do an expert inspection of your car and give it a tune-up.

Air Filters

The two air filters are the cabin  and the engine air filter. They ensure that the air getting into your cabin and engine is clean. They capture allergens and pollutants before they get to your nostrils and the internal combustion engine. They are essential to your car’s performance and efficiency.

The Cabin Air Filter

It cleans the air coming into your car through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC system). If your cabin air filter is carbon-activated, it will capture exhaust gases and odors. This improves the air quality in your vehicle. Good air quality is important as it prevents allergies and respiratory problems.

The Engine Air Filter

A car needs air just as humans do. It uses the air for the combustion process. The engine air filter prevents dust, insects, and dirt from reaching the engine. It ensures a good mix of fuel and air for efficient performance.

Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Filter On Time

There are several reasons why you should replace your filters on time. Generally, they improve the vehicle’s performance and efficiency. However, there are other advantages of doing this.  Contact us if you live in Draper, UT, and feel your car needs a check-up and filter replacement.

Ensures Optimal Airflow To The Air Conditioner

Having a clean cabin air filter maximizes airflow to the air conditioner. Good airflow ensures good air quality and volume in the cabin. Low air quality and volume make your car cabin uncomfortable, especially as the seasons change.

It impacts the ability of the system to clear condensation or fog from your car windows. Low air quality causes condensation buildup on your windshield. It makes it hard to see the road as you drive, especially on cooler days. With regular maintenance of your cabin air filter, you will notice that your windows are clear.

The Safety Of Passengers

When you replace your cabin air filter, you ensure the safety of your passengers. Sometimes the old one grows mold on it if you do not replace it on time. The mold causes bad odors in your car cabin. It is also harmful to your health and that of your passengers.

Allergens and pollen can build upon it faster than usual. During heavy pollen season, try to replace the air filters often.  It will ensure that you breathe healthier air inside your cabin.

Most manufacturers recommend having your vehicle’s steering, and suspension system checked every 50,000 miles. However, if you notice any warning symptoms, ensure you bring your car in, and our experienced UT steering and suspension mechanics will take a look.

To Increase The Life Of Your Car's Air Conditioning System

Replacing your car’s cabin air filter extends the life of your vehicle’s HVAC system. An HVAC system that runs efficiently lasts longer. This is because there is no dirt to cause the failure of components in your air conditioning system. Failure of components affects the efficacy of the system and decreases its life span.

Parts like your furnace system can fail if your air conditioning system does not receive proper maintenance. Its failure will lead to the installation of a new furnace that will end up costing you more. If your air filter has dirt or other contaminants and debris, replace it.

Increases The Efficiency Of Your Heating And Cooling System

When cooling systems have to work harder, they are noisy and ineffective. A clogged cabin air filter causes the HVAC system to work harder. It will also take longer for your car’s cabin to heat up or cool down. The longer it takes the system to heat or cool your cabin, the more engine power your car uses.

A Clogged Cabin Filter Impacts Fuel Efficiency

A clogged cabin air filter will affect fuel efficiency by causing the engine to work more. It has to work harder to power the HVAC system. More power means burning more fuel to produce more energy. The whole process results in high energy consumption. Higher energy consumption and burning more fuel means your car will have lower fuel efficiency.

Replacing Your Engine Air Filter Increases Your Fuel Efficiency

Replacing your engine air filter will improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Most automotive service centers will replace your engine air filter during your oil change. At Denny’s Auto, we do a thorough check on your systems. We do not just change your air filter but ensure it is timely. Another way of increasing your fuel efficiency is tire rotation. It will help you save gas mileage.

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