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Your car’s belts and hoses play a critical role in the proper operation of your engine, charging system, heating system, cooling system, and air conditioning system. As hoses wear down, they can become dry or cracked, causing them to break or squeal. A broken belt can cause your engine to overheat, compromise the integrity of your charging system, and result in loss of power steering, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

It is vitally important to have these components checked at least once a year and replaced when necessary. Here at Denny’s Auto, we have a team of trained and experienced mechanics who can inspect your belts and hoses and determine whether or not they need to be replaced. We can also help you get ahead of unexpected repairs by replacing your belts and hoses at the scheduled maintenance intervals recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us today for a free quote on your belt and hose replacement


Auto Repair Services for all types of Serpentine Belts and Radiator Hoses

At Denny’s Auto, we repair all types of belts and horses installed in different types of cars. We understand that these parts serve important purposes in a vehicle; therefore, we ensure that these components are safe and reliable, helping you avoid drivability issues. We repair:

Vehicle Belts

Two of the most important engine belt types include the fan belt, otherwise known as the serpentine belt, and the timing belt. In some car models, the timing belt controls how the engine valves operate and drives oil and water pumps. On the other hand, the fan belt transfers rotational power to other engine parts, such as the water pump, air conditioning system, power steering pump, and cooling system.

When it comes to belts, our skilled mechanics have repaired and replaced thousands of belts over the years and can replace yours too. We provide belt service repairs to clients throughout Draper, UT, getting them back on the road as quickly as possible. For more information about our belt services, visit Denny’s Auto at 12470 S Minuteman Dr. Draper, UT 84020.

Vehicle Hoses

Car hoses include fuel line hose, antifreeze hose, rubber brake hose, bottom radiator hose, upper radiator hose, engine hose, engine coolant hose, and auto air conditioning hoses. Car hoses enhance engine performance. They carry hot coolant away from the engine and keep the car running efficiently by transporting air and fluids between crucial engine components.

At Denny’s Auto, we replace cracked, punctured, and damaged hoses. Faulty hoses can result in underperforming systems; therefore, we act quickly to minimize the impact of the damage and keep your car in top condition throughout its lifespan.

Give us a call today to set an appointment.

Maintenance Services

Alone, you may find it difficult to determine the right time to change your vehicle’s belts and hoses. The mechanics at Denny’s Auto can visually inspect your belts and hoses, determine whether or not they need to be changed, and ensure that these components are maintained as recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you keep tabs on your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance dates. 

Belt and Hose Replacement in Draper, UT

Belts and hoses are two of the most important and fastest wearing parts within a vehicle:

  • The radiator hose and heater hose transport liquid coolant from and to the heater core, radiator, and engine.
  • Outside the engine is a serpentine belt that supplies power to the engine accessories, including the air conditioner, alternator, and charging system.  
  • The timing belt ensures that the movement of the camshaft and crankshaft are synchronized. Not all vehicles have timing belts: some use timing chains instead.

Because belts and hoses wear down faster than other parts within a vehicle, it is important to have them regularly inspected. This will help you replace them before any severe damage occurs. At Denny’s Auto, we can inspect your vehicle and replace the belts and hoses if necessary. No matter which model or make you drive, you can trust us to keep track of all factory scheduled maintenance and make replacements as needed. Book an appointment today. We are ready to help you keep your vehicle operating at its peak level of performance.

Preventative Maintenance and Replacement Services for Car Owners in Draper, UT

If you find it difficult to maintain your vehicle, you can count on Denny’s Auto to do this on your behalf. We provide basic auto maintenance services such as:

  • Mileage maintenance: Over time, various maintenance and auto repair needs come up. You can count on the experts at Denny’s Auto to keep you on schedule and maintain the condition of your car. Our maintenance service includes:
  1. Oil changes;
  2. Fluid replacements;
  3. Spin balance, tire rotation, and pressure adjustment; and
  1. Inspection of systems and parts — belts, hoses, gears, tires, etc.
  • Belts: When it is time to replace your belts, Denny’s Auto will get the job done. We will inspect and replace all torn or worn belts with quality ones.
  • Hoses: When your vehicle’s hoses crack or dry out, you should call Denny’s Auto. Our experts will replace all dried-out and worn hoses and ensure that they are properly installed.

Call us or visit our physical location at 12470 S Minuteman Dr. Draper, UT 84020 to book an appointment. We have a friendly staff that will answer all your questions and provides your requested service.

Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Belts and Hoses? Call Denny’s Auto for all Your Vehicle Repair Needs!

Do you remember when you last had your belts and hoses inspected? If you do not, come to Denny’s Auto and let our experts look at these parts. We will closely examine your belts and hoses, and if we detect any signs of wear and tear, we will replace these parts with quality ones. We will also recommend when you should have these parts replaced next so you won’t have to worry about your vehicle stopping abruptly in the middle of the highway. We also offer auto repair service, brake repair service, factory scheduled maintenance, and oil changes.

Get in touch with us today via phone at (801) 997-5927 or visit our physical location at 12470 S Minuteman Dr. Draper, UT 84020. We serve clients in Draper, UT, and surrounding areas, offering them the best solutions for their automotive needs.

Our personnel are honest, friendly, and reliable. We provide efficient suspension repair services, immediately getting you back on the road. If something needs to be repaired or replaced, we will notify you immediately. We will keep you informed throughout the whole procedure, letting you know what steering and suspension repair service should be provided and when they will be completed.

Our skilled and expert technicians are all ASE-certified; they complete continuous training to stay up-to-date with today’s high-tech vehicle systems. Therefore, we can fix it irrespective of the vehicle you drive or the problem you are experiencing. We guarantee our suspension and steering service in Draper, UT, and surrounding areas like Magna, Sandy, Ogden, Murray, and West Jordan. If you have searched ‘auto suspension and steering service shop near me,’ look no further. Contact us today at (801) 997-5927 to schedule your suspension and steering repair services at Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT!

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