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Your car’s engine is the heart of your vehicle, meaning it cannot function if the engine fails. At Denny’s Auto, we provide both engine repairs and replacements at competitive prices. If you are a resident in Draper, UT, and looking for an honest, reliable auto repair shop, we’ve got you covered. We have a team of experienced and professional mechanics who work around the clock to ensure that all your auto repair and replacement needs are met.

Engine Repairs and Replacement at Denny’s Auto

At Denny’s Auto, we use diagnostics to establish why our clients’ vehicles have engine issues. Our mechanics are qualified and certified to handle all engine repairs and replacements at affordable prices. We serve a wide area of Draper, and most of our clients enjoy safe and reliable vehicles well over hundreds of thousands of miles without major engine repairs after we are done with them.

When it comes to engine replacement, we never jump to replace your engine. We understand that you don’t always need to replace your engine when it is experiencing issues. Our mechanics will first conduct a diagnostic check to pinpoint what and where the problem is to ensure you get value for your money.

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Special Areas We Pay Attention to When it Comes to Engine Repairs and Replacements

At Denny’s Auto, we encourage our customers to bring the vehicles for regular maintenance to help enhance the life of their vehicles’ engines. Over the years, we understand that a little bit of attention in all the areas of a car’s engine needs to be properly maintained to keep it running for long. Key areas we pay special attention to ensure your engine operates optimally include:

Head Gasket Repair

Overheating is your engine’s head gasket’s worst enemy. The head gasket is responsible for keeping the high-pressure cylinder combustion, engine coolant, and engine oil from coming into contact with each other. If any of these components mix, that would spell disaster for your engine. Our team of mechanics ensures your engine never overheats by looking for possible failures every time you come in for service.

Water Pump

Most vehicles’ internal combustion engines use water pumps to circulate engine coolant anti-freeze to keep them within an acceptable temperature range. We advise our customers to replace their water pumps at the same time their timing belts are being changed. If your car uses a timing chain, our experienced mechanics will quickly detect any leaking and sort the issue out before your water pump fails completely.

Timing Chain

Modern cars either have a timing chain or a timing belt. The belt and the chain work the same way as the timing chain is made from steel and bathed in oil for lubrication. If your car uses a timing chain, we recommend changing it after 100,000 miles to prevent damage.

Engine Tune-up

Whether iridium-tipped or platinum-tipped, Spark plugs tend to get damaged when left in the engine for more than 100,00 miles and more. Our experience shows changing spark plugs before they reach 60,000 miles greatly reduces the strain on the rest of the ignition system, such as spark plug wires, control modules, and ignition coils.

Signs of Engine Trouble to Look Out for

Always pay attention to how your vehicle is operating. If you encounter any of these common signs of engine trouble, do not hesitate to get to Denny’s Auto.

Knocking noise: When you hear a knocking noise coming from your vehicle’s hood, that is an indication that your engine bearings are worn out. Bearings often wear out due to poor lubrication and high mileage. Our experts will ensure all the bearings are serviced to prevent engine seizure.

Colored/increased exhaust smoke: If you notice colored smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust or an increase in exhaust smoke, that could be an indication that your motor has some sort of trouble. Blue smoke particularly indicates a burning motor, while white smoke means there is an interior coolant leak. On the other hand, black smoke means that your vehicle is burning too much diesel resulting in a number of engine issues.

Check engine light: Never ignore the check engine light when it comes on. There are several things that can trigger this light. At Denny’s Auto, we quickly diagnose what and where the problem could be and deal with it before it gets worse. Take advantage of our expertise to save yourself from dealing with a bigger problem that could cost more in expensive repairs.

Decreased fuel efficiency: Visit our auto shop as soon you notice a decrease in fuel efficiency. Normally, our mechanics will perform a quick tune-up to restore the MPGs of your vehicle.  Several issues can cause this problem.

Leaks: Any leakage from your car’s engine is not a good sign. Our technicians are more than happy to take a better look at your engine to determine the source of the leak. We understand that vehicles need the proper amount of fluids to operate efficiently. Coolant leaks and oil leaks can be detrimental to your vehicle’s engine if the problem is not taken care of as soon as possible.

Why You Should Choose Denny's Auto for Your Engine Repairs and Replacements in Draper, UT

You can rely on Denny’s Auto for all your engine repairs and replacement services. Since 1963, we have provided residents of Draper, UT, with amazing engine repairs and replacement services at affordable prices. Over the years, we have amassed tons of experience in auto engine overhaul.

Some of the auto services we offer include oil change, factory scheduled maintenance, transmission repair, and brake repair. We also provide comprehensive engine services and preventive maintenance to ensure it runs efficiently. Additionally, we educate our customers about common-sense maintenance and proper care of their engines to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Our engine diagnostic and performance service include ignition wires, crankcase, air, and fuel filter, ignition system, an inspection of all engine parts, and spark plugs replacement/inspection. Denny’s Auto is a full auto repair shop, and we have flexible working hours to ensure you are not stranded in case your car breaks down.

For more information about engine repairs and replacements in Draper, contact us today!

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