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Car batteries send electrical impulses throughout the vehicle allowing it to operate. Your vehicle battery is more similar to the human brain, and without it, nothing would function. Therefore, scheduled battery replacement and maintenance services are very fundamental.  At Denny’s Auto, we provide battery replacements in Draper and the surrounding area. We have a team of certified automotive battery replacement mechanics who have the experience, prowess, and training to monitor your vehicle batteries and bulbs. Moreover, our replacements cost somewhat cheaper, unlike other replacement businesses which charge a bit higher for their services. Nevertheless, by embracing proactive steps to check the quality and lifespan of batteries, we can help you avoid getting stranded at the most inconvenient time.

Have a dead car battery? Backfiring starter or alternator? For all your automotive electrical repair and maintenance needs, visit Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT 84065. We service your car or truck with paramount care, providing a high level of craft you can trust. Our auto electrical repair and maintenance services incorporate:

A starter is a pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic motor that alternates the internal combustion engine to instate its operation. Starters are vital components of your vehicle’s engine. Their failure would convert to your automobile’s failure. When your vehicle’s starter develops issues, please seek professional help from our skilled technicians. We can handle all your starter needs, getting you back on the road as soon as we possibly can. Visit our repair service in Draper, UT today.

An alternator is an automotive device that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. They are crucial parts of your vehicle’s engine, and their failure would result in your car’s failure. If your car or truck experiences alternator problems, do not hesitate to seek our proficient help. We can diagnose and fix the alternator problem(s) and help you drive your vehicle sooner than you think.

Batteries supply electric energy powering the starter motor, ignition system, and the lights of a car or truck. When you have to jump-start your car or truck, the batteries could be failing. When they begin waning or worsening, you can either have your batteries replaced or repaired. However, this will depend on the severity of the damage. If you are experiencing problems with your car or truck batteries, contact Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT. We offer convenient battery testing and replacement services, getting you back on the road as soon as possible. Our expert technicians handle battery replacement, charging, installation, testing, and recycling.

When you buy batteries and bulbs at our in-store facility, do not worry about having to charge them. We do not mess around with our services. Customers who have visited our in-store facility to replace the batteries in their key fobs can attest that our services do not cost much. Furthermore, we can send you photos of our stock to give you an idea of what you can gain access to.

So, if you need to replace your vehicle batteries and bulbs, feel free to contact us to request an appointment or visit us in Draper, UT. We also service customers in surrounding areas such as Sandy, Salt Lake City, Magna, and Layton.

What you should know about car battery replacement

The life span of vehicle batteries can range from 3 – 5 years, depending on the make and maintenance. Additionally, driving habits influence longevity. For example, frequent stops and intense weather can reduce battery life. Therefore, consider the following warning signs to determine whether you need to have your car battery replaced or repaired.


Battery smells. The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs may indicate that your vehicle battery’s casing has been compromised. Leaks can lead to corrosion and damage to other parts. Instant replacement is needed.


Slow engine start. When starting up your vehicle, the engine may sound sluggish at the beginning. If it seems to take longer than usual to turn over, bring it in for a battery check-up.


Battery fluid. While it comes as a surprise to most individuals, the essential fluids inside vehicle batteries can debilitate despite being sealed. Some vehicle batteries have translucent spaces where fluid levels can be seen. When they dip, have our experienced technicians evaluate your car battery’s status.


Check engine’ lights up. A debilitating batter can cause your Check Engine light to appear on the dashboard. It can also cause the appearance of other warning lights. Whether the source is the battery or another issue, the vehicle should be inspected by our expert technicians.


Swollen battery casing. Heat and other external factors can make your vehicle batteries swell. If they appear bloated, their life span has probably been compromised. In all prospects, you should promptly have your batteries replaced.


Our expert technicians at Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT, can monitor and service your batteries to help maximize their life expectancy and effectiveness. Essentially, we help you avoid getting stranded on the road. Also, refrain from prolonged idling. If you expect to be stopped for an hour, two hours, or more, shut off your vehicle.

Why is it important to have your batteries replaced?

Car batteries supply the electrical service necessary to start your vehicle when it is not running. Moreover, it serves as a reserve capacitor to safeguard sensitive electronics on your car from voltage spikes coming from the alternator. Bad batteries often hinder your vehicle from starting. Nonetheless, extreme failures can make your vehicle die on the road. Extreme weather conditions, for example, heat and cold temperatures, can push weak batteries and bulbs to failure. Leaving your vehicle idle for long hours can also affect the life expectancy and quality of the batteries. Thus, it is vital to have your car battery tested to evaluate its performance. If the results indicate that you need a replacement or buy a new battery, Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT 84065 can quickly provide a suitable option.

Road conditions and your driving style are critical determinants in the mileage you get out of your shock absorbers and struts. However, the general recommendation is to have your shocks and struts replaced after every 50,000 – 100,000 miles. Want to check whether your shocks and struts or suspension and steering system stand? Call us at (801) 997-5927 to Schedule an appointment or visit Denny’s Auto, Draper, UT 84065.

Utah car battery replacement in Draper

At Denny’s Auto, our ASE-certified mechanics offer great customer service and high-level battery replacement services that you deserve. As a reliable and noteworthy repair service center, you can expect free, written estimates and trustworthy, guaranteed work. We proudly serve the battery needs of customers in Draper, UT, and the greater Salt Lake City, among other surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us at 801-997-5927 to request an appointment or visit our repair shop today.

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