Suspension and steering repairs in Draper, uT

The steering and suspension systems build maximum traction or grip between the tires and the road. This offers proper handling, steering stability, and good comfort. Steering and suspension system components are epicenter at connecting your vehicle to the rough roads and are hence prone to wearing out or even breaking, probably leaving you stranded.

Suspension and steering systems are primary safety components. They should be inspected yearly or if you are experiencing issues like loss of contact with the road, uneven tire wear, the vehicle exhibiting signs of not wanting to track straight down the road, bouncing, poor braking, or excessive noise vibration. If you need your suspension and steering system inspected, let the esteemed and professional mechanics at Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT 84065 hastily identify any issues you may have.

Suspension and steering repairs in Draper, UT

Denny’s Auto is a reputable auto mechanic shop that only hires honest automotive experts. We are one of the leading auto shops in Draper, known for providing strategy-based solutions and holistic diagnostics. 

All our auto mechanics are tested to determine their skill level and regularly retested to ensure they are up to date to identify problem areas in vehicles with advanced electrical systems.

Our auto mechanics understand that they have to go the extra mile to become potent automotive electricians. Most manufacturers have invested heavily in computerized production, and you will find that more cars have multiple relays installed in their electrical systems than before. We have invested heavily to ensure that our auto mechanics have a solid understanding of how different relays operate.

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Suspension and steering repairs in Draper, UT

Suspension and steering repairs and maintenance can help eliminate premature wear on your car’s tires, thereby saving you a lot of money in the process. At Denny’s Auto repair service in Draper, UT, we specialize in auto repairs and maintenance for all vehicle makes and models. When you bring your car or truck into our facility, you will receive a prompt guarantee of all services and a free written estimate. Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT 84065 is the ideal place to replace your shock absorbers and struts. Furthermore, our skilled and experienced expert technicians also look at bad power steering pump symptoms. Call us today for a free suspension check if you need vehicle suspension and steering repairs in Draper, UT, and surrounding areas like Herriman or South Jordan.

What suspension system services does Denny's Auto perform?

When it comes to servicing a car or a truck, most drivers have more queries than responses. Queries such as, “What is rotor resurfacing? How much will it cost? Why is my vehicle producing a clunking sound? Why am I unable to track straight down the road?” For several years, our customers have trusted us to provide straight answers.
Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system are responsible for ride quality, steering stability, and overall handling. If things feel somehow rough or a little bumpy when you get behind the steering wheel, Denny’s Auto qualified mechanics can help smooth things out. We provide a variety of under-car suspension repair services to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance.


Alignment. Wheel alignment is standard car maintenance that incorporates adjusting the wheels’ angles to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. The fundamental purpose is to let the steering and suspension system operate at its desired angle, reducing tire wear. Wheel alignment is a complex procedure, and not all technicians get it right. Thus, it is better to enlist our specialists’ suspension repair services to handle your vehicle’s alignment.


Ball joints. These connect the control arm of your front suspension to the steering knuckle. Ball joints are small but integral suspension components that offer a smooth ride and enable you to control your car. You may have bad ball joints if you notice vibrations or shaking, strange clunking and squeaking noises, or wandering steering. Bring your vehicle in, and our professional mechanics will inspect your ball joints and lubricate or replace them if necessary.


Steering and suspension evaluation. Has steering your vehicle become more challenging than usual? Notice any unusual movements when going over bumps or turns? Then, it is time to bring your vehicle into our tire services and receive our steering and suspension system evaluation. We will thoroughly look at everything and let you know if you require any replacement or repairs.


Tie rods. These are other parts of the steering system that connect the steering linkage to the steering knuckle. Working together, these components move the wheel right or left when steering. If you have lousy tie rods, you may experience intermittent and wandering steering. Needless to worry, our skilled mechanics can fix and correct any tie rod problems.


Tires. As they get older, tires lose traction and wane from the inside out, increasing the possibility of a tire bursting. This can result in a rapid loss of control of your car. To have your vehicle at its best performance, you need to ascertain that the tires are in good condition. For all your tire needs, contact Denny’s Auto tire service today.


Shocks and struts. Shocks and struts are crucial components of your car’s suspension system that dampen and absorb shocks and keep your vehicle’s springs in check. Without shocks and struts, your vehicle would continue bouncing after every bump or pothole in the road. Our expert technicians will check your shocks and struts. If they need replacement, we will help you select the appropriate ones for your car and driving style.

How long do shock absorbers last?

Shocks, also known as shock absorbers, are a vehicle’s slightly stiffer steering and suspension parts that can handle more weight than struts. They are often found on larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks. Unlike shocks, struts work somewhat differently in that they provide structural support for your car’s suspension system. All vehicles have a shock or strut on each wheel, and some utilize a combination of both suspension components, with shocks on the rear wheels and struts on the front wheels.

Road conditions and your driving style are critical determinants in the mileage you get out of your shock absorbers and struts. However, the general recommendation is to have your shocks and struts replaced after every 50,000 – 100,000 miles. Want to check whether your shocks and struts or suspension and steering system stand? Call us at (801) 997-5927 to schedule an appointment or visit Denny’s Auto, Draper, UT 84065.

Why service your steering and suspension system?

A vehicle’s steering and suspension system components help provide optimal ride comfort and handling. Normal road conditions such as potholes or bumps can cause your springs, shocks, and struts to wear out. This wear and tear can affect your car’s stability as well as your control when driving it. Additionally, it may accelerate the wear and tear to your vehicle’s tires, thereby costing you more money down the road.

Most manufacturers recommend having your vehicle’s steering, and suspension system checked every 50,000 miles. However, if you notice any warning symptoms, ensure you bring your car in, and our experienced UT steering and suspension mechanics will take a look.

Why choose Denny's Auto?

Come to Denny’s Auto repair service if you need a suspension and steering system check in Utah. We guarantee all of our suspension services and offer free, written repair quotes. Working on all vehicle makes and models, we offer pocket-friendly and affordable tire services. 

Our personnel are honest, friendly, and reliable. We provide efficient suspension repair services, immediately getting you back on the road. If something needs to be repaired or replaced, we will notify you immediately. We will keep you informed throughout the whole procedure, letting you know what steering and suspension repair service should be provided and when they will be completed.

Our skilled and expert technicians are all ASE-certified; they complete continuous training to stay up-to-date with today’s high-tech vehicle systems. Therefore, we can fix it irrespective of the vehicle you drive or the problem you are experiencing. We guarantee our suspension and steering service in Draper, UT, and surrounding areas like Magna, Sandy, Ogden, Murray, and West Jordan. If you have searched ‘auto suspension and steering service shop near me,’ look no further. Contact us today at (801) 997-5927 to schedule your suspension and steering repair services at Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT!

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