Car Heating and AC Repairs in Draper, uT

Don’t you wish that your car’s air conditioning system would operate as efficiently as it did when it was brand new? If this is the case, Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT, 84065 offers the most professional and honest auto repair services. In addition to other services, we will ensure your car’s air conditioning operates optimally. Our team of experts will ensure it is as good as new.

Heating and AC Repairs in Draper, UT

With time, your vehicle’s air conditioning and heating systems will perform poorly or even break down. This is normal due to the wear and tear that comes with their regular use. Yet, it is not wise to wait until the vehicle’s air conditioning system stops blowing cold air.

Get a regular and expert auto repair service in Draper, UT, to catch any AC systems issues early on. This helps in preventing small problems from developing into larger ones. If you wish for your air conditioning system to operate at its peak, make a habit of getting regular maintenance

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Diagnosing and Repairing your Vehicle's Air Conditioning System

There are several reasons why your vehicle’s air conditioning system might not be blowing cold air. Our air conditioning repair experts conduct a thorough inspection of your car’s AC system before making any repairs. Some of the diagnostic measures they will take include:

  • Checking for coolant leaks in the AC system
  • Checking and cleaning the condenser
  • Inspecting the blower
  • Checking your belts and hoses
  • Checking the hoses for signs of clogging
  • Examining the condition of the seals

What suspension system services does Denny's Auto perform?

When it comes to servicing a car or a truck, most drivers have more queries than responses. Queries such as, “What is rotor resurfacing? How much will it cost? Why is my vehicle producing a clunking sound? Why am I unable to track straight down the road?” For several years, our customers have trusted us to provide straight answers.
Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system are responsible for ride quality, steering stability, and overall handling. If things feel somehow rough or a little bumpy when you get behind the steering wheel, Denny’s Auto qualified mechanics can help smooth things out. We provide a variety of under-car suspension repair services to keep your vehicle operating at peak performance.

Replacing the Cooling System Hoses

Hoses facilitate the transfer of antifreeze and coolant throughout the engine. In time, the hoses in the air conditioning system start drying out and cracking. When this happens, bring your vehicle down to Denny’s Auto, for comprehensive car repair services in Draper, UT.

Not only will your vehicle’s hoses be expertly replaced, but they will also be top-quality hoses. The hoses that are in good condition will also be properly checked and adjusted if necessary.

Replacing the Cooling System Belts

A fan belt connects the engine to the accessories mounted in the front, such as the engine fan and water pump. These are instrumental in keeping the engine and its components cool. In time, they will start drying out and cracking.

At this point, you will need a replacement. At Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT, 84065, you will get expert auto repair services. Our specialists will install high-quality belts, check a loose belt, and perform other maintenance checks.

Flushing the Radiator

The radiator is the part of your car responsible for preventing your engine from overheating. To dispense this function, the radiator must remain clean. Solid deposits, sludge, and rust build-up inside your vehicle’s radiator with time. Visit our trained mechanics and get your car’s radiator flushed.

A clean radiator not only keeps your engine from overheating but also ensures your car’s cooling system works properly. If the radiator fails, it may cause damage to other components, including the air conditioning system. For this reason, your vehicle needs to undergo regular maintenance from experts like Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT, 84065.

Why your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning does not Work Properly

They say that nothing lasts forever. Yet, it does not mean that your car’s air conditioning should have a short lifespan. There are some common causes why your vehicle is not blowing cold air.

Your Air Conditioning Coolant Levels are Low

This is a common cause for the lack of cold air in your vehicle. A coolant is a fluid that facilitates your air conditioner to replace the hot air in your car with cold air. While it is possible to recharge it yourself, it requires some skill and time to do it.

If you are unsure of how to do it, let an auto repair expert in Draper, UT do it for you. If you recharge the coolant incorrectly, you might end up damaging your air conditioning altogether. Save your time and money by letting our trained experts do it for you.

Leaks in the Air Conditioning System

If your car is not blowing cold air, one reason could be a leak in the AC system. It could be that you are losing coolant fluid through a leak or leaks. To detect these leaks, you need an auto repair expert.

Additionally, a few signs can tell you if your car’s air conditioner has leaks. This is because the coolant fluid evaporates instantaneously when it comes into contact with air. At Denny’s Auto in Draper, UT, 84065, we have the expertise and specialized equipment to detect these leaks.

How to know your Air Conditioning is Leaking

  • The presence of oil residue around the hoses and pipe fittings of the air conditioning system
  • Unusual loud click when you turn your air conditioner on
  • When the air conditioner’s on and off interval becomes shorter
  • The presence of a hissing sound even when the vehicle’s engine is off

More importantly, you should be very cautious when dealing with coolant leaks. This is because the fluid is quite toxic. Trained personnel using proper tools can handle such leaks professionally and safely. Therefore, it is not advisable to try and detect these leaks at home.

Preventive Maintenance in Draper, UT

Besides repairing your air conditioning and cooling system, we will give a full service to your car, which includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing your fuel filter. This not only enhances fuel efficiency but also encourages fuel economy
  • Checking or recharging transmission fluid for a better power steering maneuvering
  • Oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check exhaust system
  • Inspect the belts and hoses
  • Check engine light and perform engine repair

Avoid Costly Repairs

If you have auto air conditioning or engine problems, visit Denny’s Auto at 12470 S Minuteman Dr. Draper, UT 84020. Visit our auto repair shops in Salt Lake City for expert auto ac repair, replacement of car components, and other auto repair services at a fair price. You can also call us on (801) 997-5927 to book an appointment or get a free estimate.

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