Cars batting average1

This Is How Often You Need To Change Your Transmission Fluid

Do you know your car’s batting average?

In baseball, a batting average is an average of how many times a player gets on base, due to a hit. The higher the average the better the hitter. The greatest hitters in baseball history have batting averages just over .300. That means they are failing to get a hit and get on base 70% of the time! Is your vehicle getting a hit for you and getting you where you need to go? Or is your vehicle failing 70% of the time?

Your vehicle’s batting average should be .999, if not 1.000! If your car’s batting average reflects that of the All-Star Mike Trout, we can do better. Your vehicle needs to be reliable and safe for you, on every startup, every turn, and every on-ramp. In other words, your car should be getting a hit for your 100% of the time! Let’s look at some ways of raising your car’s batting average.

The first and easiest way to raise your vehicle’s batting average is preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is the recommended services that can leave you scratching your head. You might think to yourself, “Do I really need a coolant fluid exchange?” or “I don’t need to clean the carbon from my valves! I change my oil on a regular basis!” The fact of the matter is; is that these services are called preventative for a reason. You don’t want to wait for your transmission fluid to be black and smell burnt before service. Doing that could result in damage to your transmission! You want your fluid to be clean and debris free all the time. Just like a baseball player, they are always working on their craft and their health, so they can raise their batting average. Preventative maintenance is a perfect first step to raising your vehicle’s batting average.

A team’s trainer will listen to the player’s aches and pains, to pinpoint where they are hurting. This leads us into the next step to raising the ol’ batting average! The next step to raising that batting average is to not delay any repairs. If your vehicle is idling rough, it’s batting average is slowing, but steadily decreasing. If your vehicle is making a grinding noise when you brake, your vehicle’s batting average is slowing decreasing. When you stay on top of repairs, you’re are keeping your vehicle safe and reliable, which results in increasing your vehicle’s batting average!

In conclusion, to raise your vehicle’s batting average, we need to stay on top of our maintenance and not ignore the aches and pains your vehicle may be experiencing. If we do this we will make your vehicle go from a mediocre batting average to a Hall of Fame batting average! Nobody likes it when his or her vehicle has a batting average anywhere below 1.000, let’s work together and achieve that! You know your vehicle’s personalities when it comes to the aches and pains, the professionals know how to listen in on your vehicle’s unsaid needs, together we can get your vehicle to a batting average of 1.000 in no time! So, do you know your vehicle’s batting average? Are you happy with that average? Or does it need to be raised?