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Top 5 Symptoms Of A Broken Suspension

Top Five Systoms Of A Broken Suspension in Draper, uT

Suspension Repair in Draper, UT

A vehicle is one of those accessories you can’t live without. Most drivers commute every day between work and home or school and spend a lot of their time in the car. Your car suspension is the difference between you enjoying your trips or being bumped all over the road. Suspension costs can be expensive if not fixed immediately.

Labor costs for suspension repair depend on the car model, steering, and suspension parts. Save money today by having a team of experienced mechanics replace your vehicle’s suspension.

Not sure if your suspension is in top shape? Are you hearing weird noises coming from your wheels or poor braking? Find out if you need car suspension repair and more.

Here’s how you can tell if you have a suspension problem.

Difficulty Steering

Modern cars come equipped with power steering control. Power steering makes it easy to make turns and generally improves your driving experience. But what happens when your steering and suspension systems become hard?

If you experience difficulty with your vehicle’s steering wheel, especially at low speeds, it’s time to have the suspension and steering repairs.

Several factors can make steering difficult, including lower steering fluid, leaking power steering rack, bad power steering pump, or spent control arm bushings.

Does your steering and suspension seem out of normal? Get car suspension repair cost-friendly by a highly qualified mechanic.

Not Driving Straight

Have you noticed your car is either pulling to the right or left when you are driving? Your tires, brakes, or shocks could be going out.

Car tires have to be properly aligned to avoid shaking or the car pulling to one side. Wheel alignment is one of the possible ways to repair toe-in, caster, or camber misalignment problems. Also, check your tires for uneven tire treads – low pressure or wrong inflation can wear your car’s tires unevenly and increase driving instability.

Once you have reviewed your wheels, you should now look at the suspension system. Don’t know the signs of a bad suspension system? Talk to a qualified mechanic to get a ball joint replacement, wheel alignment, and other suspension services!

Suspension parts such as shock absorbers, control arms, and ball joints need to be assessed and replaced.

Leaning Car Suspension

When parked, a car is supposed to sit evenly across all corners. What happens when you notice one of the corners is leaning or lower than the other sides? That’s one of the signs of bad coil springs.

You’ll also notice some clunking sounds as you go over speed bumps or potholes.

Before you conclude that a bad spring is the cause of your car leaning to either side, ensure all the tires are inflated correctly. Squicking noises should tell you to repair your vehicle’s suspension. You can also try pushing the car down to see how the vehicle behaves.

Car tires usually wear out evenly. However, your tires can wear out from the inside or outside – a sure sign of a bad suspension. How do you check for uneven wear on your wheels?

Tires come with threads to give you a grip on the road. You’ll notice the tires may be thinner on the inner facing side, the middle or outer facing side – not the normal wear and tear. Occasionally, the tire walls may also wear out.

A car tilting to one side could also result from bad tie rods, links, coil springs, or incorrectly inflated tires – an old car will most likely have any of these problems.

Bumpy Ride

Cars generally have a smooth ride on most roads – especially when new. That’s because they have brand new shocks and coil springs. Shock absorbers absorb all the bumps on the road.

If you suddenly feel your car is not as comfortable on the road, your shocks could be going out. One of the best ways of testing your car suspension, including shocks, is the bounce test.

You push the car down from the hood with all your weight and count how many times it bounces. If the count is more than three, your struts or shock absorbers have a problem.

If you are unsure about the bounce test, check for any fluid leaks on your shock absorber. If your car has struts, check if it gets any knocking sounds from the suspension system when you go over bumps.

Get your suspension system checked by a qualified mechanic to ensure your car continues to drive smoothly.

Dipping Nose

The factory hardly designs any car to have a dipping nose. Most vehicles sit straight. Additionally, you have a failing suspension if you notice your vehicle rolling sideways when taking corners. Another sign to watch out for is tilting back when you accelerate.

Dipping nose, rolling, or leaning back point to bad shock absorbers, struts, or coil-overs. You can do a bounce test to find out how bad your suspension is or go to a specific garage to have the tests done for you – replacing the parts in the process.

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Get professional suspension repair and maintenance to restore your car’s stability when driving or taking corners – it’s quite dangerous when your car swerves all over the place because of a bad suspension.

Having Suspension Problems? Get Professional Suspension Repair Services Today!

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Are you experiencing problems with your car’s suspension system? Get your foreign or domestic vehicle suspension replaced with high-quality suspension parts by a team of highly trained and qualified mechanics.

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Not sure what care suspension repair costs for your car model? Take advantage of our 5-year or 50,000-mile warranty on maintenance and service to get your vehicle working properly. Get a fix today at an affordable price.

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