Professional Auto Repair in Jordan, Utah

Accidents happen all the time. If you get in an accident, you may require auto repairs at an auto shop to get your vehicle back to its normal state.

At Denny’s Auto, our dedicated team of service technicians will use many techniques to fix your car and get you back to your operations. Knowing how to find a good automotive service technician with industry certification and the type of questions to ask is vital. It would be best to look for repair shops with good automotive service technicians before you get issues with your vehicle.

You can know your vehicle has an issue and need an auto mechanic by using your senses, using your eyes to check around your car, noticing unusual odors, and hearing strange noises.

  • Wet spots and fluids; yellowish-green or orange colors may be due to your engine overheating or a leak from a bad hose or radiator. The red oil spot shows a leaking power- steering fluid leak.

  • A sharp light odor of burned toast is a sign of electrical short. The smell of rotten eggs can be an issue in the catalytic converter, and acid chemical odor may be overheating breaks.

  • Squeaks, rattles, and rumbles give clues to vehicle problems. For instance, a rumble can signify a defective exhaust pipe or converter, and a clunk indicates a loose shock absorber and exhaust pipe.

Auto Repair

Auto Repair Services 

If you want to keep your car in perfect condition, without any performance problems, our service technicians will offer quality and affordable services to suit everyone.

Quality Services

Our auto repairs shop in South Jordan has competent and knowledgeable technicians in automotive service technology. They have adequate experience in repairing a variety of vehicle models. Our auto mechanic can help you by giving the correct information to your insurance company on any accident repairs that your vehicle may need.

We Offer Around-the-Clock Services

Auto mechanics at Denny’s Automotive are a call away, and we operate 24/7. You can call us anytime when you need help with a corrosive battery, flat tire, or towing, and our auto mechanic can also bring you fuel, oil fluids, and water where you are. We offer roadside assistance services in South Jordan and the surrounding areas. The services help drivers and car owners who might be stranded with a vehicle that is not operating well.
Brake Services
Your brakes are the most vital safety part of your vehicle. If the brakes do not have a sure-stopping ability, then your car is not safe to be on the road. Our automotive service technicians will do the following; Replace worn-out linings and pads, adjust the electronic systems and test them to check their functionality, repack wheel bearings, replace wheel cylinders and calipers. Contact Us
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Diagnostic Auto Services
We have the best engine diagnostic services in South Jordan, UT. Our service technicians work; is to do fuel injection system testing, ignition system diagnostics, and emissions testing, and they check out the engine light. Contact Us
Suspension Repair in Draper, UT
Alternator Services
When your alternator appears defective, our automotive service technicians will check for connections that may be loose. Then test the alternator to see if you need to replace it. Contact Us
small engine repair, bbb rating, affordable service
Battery Services
Your car’s starting and charging system and battery regulate most electrical processes when starting your vehicle’s engine. Our technicians will check all your battery terminals and test if the battery is functioning well. Contact Us
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Tire Services
Tires connect your vehicle and the road’s surface, making them a vital part of the car’s suspension system. We offer tire pressure monitoring auto service to help improve your vehicle’s overall performance and increase your safety and that of your passengers. Contact Us
Tire Rotation Services
Wheel Services
We offer wheel services where we cast and forge them using steel or aluminum alloy, a common practice in the automotive industry using liquid metal. Contactt Us
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 Expert Auto Mechanics in South Jordan, Utah

Our auto repair shop in South Jordan is ready to get your car back on the road safely and faster at a fair price. Our skilled technicians will answer your questions and ensure they exceed your expectations with our quality services. The mechanics at Denny’s Automotive have been helping drivers and car owners throughout South Jordan, UT, to take care of their vehicles for years.

If you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, you can visit our shop today in South Jordan, UT.

With our convenient location, Denny’s Automotive is the best among other auto repair shops for drivers and car owners in South Jordan, UT. Our team of mechanics is friendly and ready to get you back into your routine as quickly as possible.

For more information on a professional auto repair, visit us at 11999 South Redwood Road, Draper, UT, or call us to book an appointment today.